Seniors' program

Our Seniors’ program fosters a sense of belonging and community connection for older people; creates a more inclusive community by celebrating the rich and diverse range of older residents; and increases opportunities for older people’s participation in the community. We provide a platform for sharing wisdom; provide opportunities for intergenerational bridge building; and create a more inclusive and healthy Byron Bay for our older residents.

Regular Seniors’ Activities

Elder Beats – Seniors’ drumming circle

Senior Drumming in the park

More than 20 seniors – including residents of two local aged-care facilities – gather at the Byron Community Centre each Tuesday morning for a drumming circle. The session is held 10:30am-11:30am led by Gareth Jones from Sound Synergy.

The development of Drumming Circles for the elderly is a new phenomenon that is rapidly spreading worldwide in forward-thinking organisations. The sessions provide some major health benefits as well as providing an opportunity for fun, social interaction, improving the lives of all who participate.

Want to join in?! No appointment necessary – Just show up.

Seniors’ Choir

Seniors’ Choir is held each Wednesday morning 10:00am-11:00am. The Choir is led by Kim Banffy; suggested donation $10.00.

Want to join in?! No appointment necessary – Just show up.

About Kim Banffy

I’m a singer/songwriter, a visual artist and a writer of books. I just love creating! I also hold a Masters degree in Education, specialising in Creative Arts, M.Ed (Creative Arts). I’ve been writing songs for about eight years now, performing accompanying myself on guitar, and have been singing (my Mum informs me) since before I could talk! I have a wealth of experience in acapella singing, and love singing harmonies.

I’ve sung in various small groups and choirs, and performed with massed choirs at the Deadly Awards and have sung backing vocals for Rachel Hore and for Gary Stowe.

In my former life I was a specialist Music and Visual Arts teacher in primary schools, and as part of that job conducted five children’s, two-part harmony choirs in various primary schools. I also had the annual pleasure of conducting the Lower Blue Mountains Primary Schools massed choir of 200 children in the early to mid 2000s. Visit Kim’s website for more information.

Seniors’ Morning Tea

Morning Tea
Morning Tea
Morning Tea

The Byron Community Centre hosts a Seniors’ morning tea every Tuesday morning from 11:30am- 12:00 in the courtyard. Morning tea is a fun, informal gathering created to foster meaningful connections between seniors, BCC volunteers and the wider community.

Want to join in?! No appointment necessary – Just show up.

Seniors’ Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga
Chair Yoga
Chair Yoga

Seniors’ Chair yoga runs each Tuesday at the Byron Community Centre from 12-1pm. Suggested donation $10.00.

Want to join in?! No appointment necessary – Just show up.

About our Yoga Teachers:

Pippy Wardell

Pippy Wardell has been teaching yoga for 40 years in India, Bali, New York, Brazil and Australia. Since returning to Australia in 2006 after being based in India for most of the previous 30 years she has been teaching consistently in the Northern Rivers region. Pippy studied gerontology and has used her extensive knowledge of the ageing body and mind combined with her extensive yoga experience to develop a unique set of exercises and simplified yoga poses for seniors to enjoy. The spiritual side of yoga is infused in every breath and activity throughout the class without any overt displays of religious fervour. Pippy studied under the Sharmapa 2nd head of the Karjupa sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Along with various yogis and sadhus in India. The last 7 years in India she ran a yoga and  Crystal Healing school in Goa India. She also teaches a Chair Yoga class for the very elderly at Feros village in Byron Bay.

Christine  Stoevelaar

As a yoga teacher and yoga therapist with a diploma in Holistic Counselling, in my classes my intention is to foster a sense of self-acceptance through gentle, mindful breathwork (pranayama) and movement. My personal journey of growth and discovery spans 20 years. I didn’t start doing yoga till I was 40. A friend took me to a private studio with an Iyengar teacher, I didn’t know what to expect but I was ‘hooked’.

In 2006 I went on to do my first Hatha Yoga teacher training in British Columbia, Canada where I lived and worked for 8 years. This has led me to the heart of my practice which is a Hatha style woven with Restorative Yoga and gentle somatic movement.

One of the most recent and profound influences on my work has been with Thomas Meyer’s structural integration. This work is the antithesis of the “no-pain-no-gain” mentality. You receive the greatest benefits from your practice by releasing and surrendering to the body. This approach helps to cultivate acceptance of your body and its inherent limitations.

I am passionate about sharing this unique style of yoga with others. With practice there is a natural emergence of acceptance and detachment leading to deeper awareness of the unity of mind, body and spirit.