The Wet Weather Shelter

by Sarah Webb

Greetings BCC readers, and welcome to the blog where YOU can see all the good and WONDERFUL things that WE do for the community here at the Byron Community Centre.

In this post, I would like to shine some light on a bright venture functioning in otherwise “over cast” situations, the wet weather shelter project! This sunny venture provides emergency shelter to people in need through severe wet weather.

video by Chris Knowles

Wet Weather Shelter project coordinator Elyssa Purdie mentions that The Wet Weather Shelter is “a project in coordination with two local church halls in town to provide emergency shelter during severe wet weather for the homeless”.

And on Wednesday the 27th of March, we ran this Shelter for the first time as we were expecting severe rainfall!

HOORAY, THE SHELTER WAS A BRILLIANT SUCCESS, in the way that everything ran smoothly and worked brilliantly, but there was one event we didn’t account for – there was no wet weather!

In fact, we are calling this wonderful weather miss, a dry run! Everyone was dry, warm, fed and accounted for and all the policies and procedures run smoothly. Hoorayyy!

Now we are truly ready for our next severe weather event! (when the weather is actually severe!).

If you would like to learn more about our Wet Weather Shelter project please click here.  

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