The Volunteers Had a Christmas Party!

by Sarah Webb

BCC Christmas Party

Jingle bells, Jingle bells BCC had a party (sing to tune of jingle bells)

Merry Christmas everyone! Even though Christmas has come and gone- the Christmas spirit is still very much with us at BCC BECAUSE we are all about giving! And at last year’s Christmas party, BCC gave back to volunteers, wahoo! Not only did we get foooooood (all kinds of delicious food) but the food was at a party! The VOLUNTEERS CHRISTMAS PARTY! YAY! And we also got presents, we got LOTS of presents! We were a little spoiled this year – it was great (He he)!

We celebrated the merry season of giving in style!

Think bonbons, presents, Lots. Of. Food, drinks and (this should really come under the food mention but) CAKE! Yes, a huge cake which is so wonderful it deserves its own mention. This cake was fit to feed Santa and his entourage of elves and may I tell you it was polished off by BCC vollies in no time at all!

Christmas. Vollies. Giving and CAKE – what more could a Christmas party need? How about tables with Christmas hats, decorated with all things season-y, giggling volunteers and an atmosphere that is …. MERRY.

And OF COURSE, the most important thing – we celebrated all of the achievements that we have done to help our community over a mince pie and a bon bon! HOORAY.

Merry Christmas from BCC to all! Let’s stay in the spirit of giving all throughout 2019!


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