The Downes of the Byron evolution

A story of the family who has lived in the Byron Shire from 1930 to 2015 by Margaret Sparks


“Come with me for a romp in the Gondwana forests and Cape Byron to read the story of the Downes.

The family migrated from the emerald folds of Mother England to Australia in 1914. In Perth, my Grandfather Carl met a fellow Englishman Anthony and as fate would have it they found the company, A.W. Argyle. It was the beginning of their Empire in the Meat Industry when they purchased the meatworks in Byron Bay in 1929 at the end of the Great Depression. The first generation of the Downes family settled in the Byron Shire. Their children are the second generation and went to school, worked in the family company, married and raised their children who are the third generation during World War II. When the local treat of invasion ceased, Peace returned and The Golden Age of Australia began. I am of the third generation and I lived in the roaring 60’s when Byron Shire became a mecca for musical events. My children who are the fourth generation were born in the 70’s when the Byron Shire experienced a social and economic change.

I hope that you enjoy roaming through this book and come join us soon in our paradise. ”

Price $20 with 25% going towards the Byron Bay Community Centre.

Copies of this book are available for purchase at the Byron Community Centre during opening hours.