The COFFEE BOX, the Best Place to Grab a Community Sweetened Coffee

By Sarah Webb

Hello readers, this post is for all the coffee drinkers, community enthusiasts, cake eaters, smoothie drinkers, health enthusiasts, people who like to dance and WELL ANYONE!

Today I present to you the not-for-profit COFFEE BOX. So, if you are after somewhere healthy, vibrant, full of charm, good food, coffee, cold drinks with an over helping of COMMUNITY HELPING SYRUP then the COFFEE BOX is just for you!

The coffee box is there to SUPPORT THE COMMUNITY and any money that the coffee box makes is regenerated BACK INTO PROJECTS FOR THE COMMUNITY. They also offer a training program for disadvantaged locals, so that ANYONE can walk away with the great skills needed to make a perfect coffee – SUUUUUPERRRRB.

Not only does the coffee box provide all this but, the coffee box also has a range of methods they use to help the community, which is our philosophy, so take a seat and grab a freshly squeezed juice (with love), because I am going to tell you a little more!

The coffee box provides a pay it forward campaign WHICH MEANS, you can leave your unwanted change for someone to use for their coffee who may be in need and the BEST THING IS, anyone can participate. Anyone can leave some cash AND ANYONE IN NEED can be gifted with someone’s pay it forward kindness to go STRAIGHT toward their next health or caffeine hit, yay!

They also do GREAT THINGS for the environment by using biodegradable cups, use all earth-friendly products and all products used are LOCALLY supported or donated to the COFFEE BOX. THEY ALSO MAKE THEIR OWN ALMOND MILK (YUM) and are about to start making their own COCONUT MILK (ALSO YUM) WOWEEE.

Welcome to the COFFEE BOX, the BEST place to grab a community sweetened coffee!

Grab a drink with freshly made almond milk and sit back and relax knowing that YOU HAVE HELPED YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY!

The Coffee Box is located between the Byron Community Centre and Post Office on 69 Jonson St in Byron Bay.

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