Sensational Seniors Expo

by Sarah Webb

Who said reaching the age of retirement had to be boring? The 2019 seniors’ expo certainly challenged that assumption! The seniors’ expo shone a light on our golden years and has potentially redefined the age of senior-ism (totally not a word but sounds like it certainly should be) as our days of glory and something for the younger generations to LOOK FORWARD TO. And woweee, boy was there so much on show, let just say – I’m even excited to exchange my blond locks for something a little more… white.  

video by Chris Knowles

The 2019 seniors expo was sen(ior)-sational. It was light bright happy and FREE. And when I say free, I MEAN FREE. Everything at the expo was completely FREE and there was even GIVEAWAYS – Freebies! WOOO.

23 informative stalls

In the foyer upstairs is where all the seniors’ suited stall action was happening! And my oh my, what a display of chipper seniors enjoying the best of senior-ism (should be a word!). The foyer held a total of 23 stalls which were all focussed on promoting the better health and longevity of our wonderful senior community! And not only was the expo a popular hit for seniors, but it was quite a hoot for those youngens who were interested in seeing what their glistening future holds. Considering massages, food, giveaways and information on how to live the fullest life YOU COULD EVER LIFE – were all huge cards on the senior’s expedition table, It’s no question why this event was such a bubbling success!

Sen(ior)sational activities

The foyer wasn’t the only place which was red carpeted for our wonderful seniors, but our Byron Theatre also held all types of great activities and shows dedicated to this memorable event! Sen(ior)sational! Wow, the senior centred line up was seriously senior – rific! There was a Drumming Circle, Chair Yoga, Crystal Singing Bowls, comedy acts, talks, Bay singers and ukuleles and MOREEEEEEE. Some attendees even stayed in the theatre for the entire day. Yep, it was THAT good.

Combine the 23 stalls of downright fun, a theatre full of performances, giveaways and smiling PEOPLE and et voilà you have the 2019 seniors expo!

Anyone who may have missed this incredible event, the Byron Community Centre offers activities for seniors on a weekly basis. Calling all seniors! Think chair yoga, Ukulele classes and drumming and then think the Byron Community Centre! A place where the senior community can come together!


Byron Shire Seniors Festival & Expo

Seniors Festival

‘The festival for the NOT SO retiring’

Nowadays becoming a senior (from age 55) definitely does not mean ‘retiring’. Today, being a senior is often a fresh start with more time to enjoy a whole range of new activities and pursuits.  

The Byron Community Centre is hosting the Byron Shire Seniors Festival & Expo, in collaboration with NSW Seniors Festival, on Tuesday 19th February, from 10am-4pm.

This day is dedicated to the wonderful elders of our community. The theme of the festival is ‘Love Your Life’ with activities to help you continue enjoying your life every day. We do not believe that becoming a senior means your life is over, instead we think that the rest of our lives are just beginning.

The festival will have information sharing, entertainment, and lots of activities, as well as hand, neck and shoulder massages being offered throughout the day. Fearless Films ‘Growing Bold Not Old’ will be screening in a special viewing room.

Relax and enjoy the Theatre Program, browse a range of exhibitors upstairs in the Cavanbah Room and informative verandah chats, including –

  • Health & Wellness – alternative health care and nutrition
  • Finance/Banking/Insurance/Wills
  • Aged Care Options
  • Understanding your Aged Pension – all you need to know about benefits
  • End of Life & After Death Care – demystifying your choices
  • Volunteering – live longer by caring for those in need

The Seniors Festival will empower older people, their carers and children to lead fulfilling lives and achieve their potential in their community.

Come along to the Byron Community Centre, 69 Jonson Street, on Tuesday 19th February or contact Pippy Wardell on 6685 6807 for more information.

For full program see website