Treasure Hunt for a Local Jewel

Byron Theatre treasure map

By guest author Sarah Webb

Welcoming all treasure seekers, over sun-indulges, film fanatics and let’s be honest -EVERYONE! If you are on the hunt for something truly special in Byron, I would like to tell you about Byron Bays most cherished hidden gem –  the Byron Theatre! This stunning jewel is the local hotspot for entertainment and that’s not all…

Let’s be real, the weather is hot! You may find that glossy yellow warmth from the sun (that we all love so much), may just be turning your skin all shades of red. This colour can see you contained to your accommodation or home late in the evening, lathered with aloe and possibly ice bags (heaven forbid) unable to move or enjoy all that Byron has to offer.

Take a break from the sun

Never fret, once again BCC has a simple remedy for you (refer to Christmas is Cheerier With the Byron Theatre Club for other BCC recommended remedies!) and yes, this will save your summer nights from uneventful sunburn dwelling and turn them into exciting sunburn dwelling!

Why not soak in aloe in the comfort of our fully air-conned, awesomely comfy and uniquely décor-ed theatre? YES! and even mention: “Aloe Theatre Fever” upon entry, and we will give you aloe. Okay – maybe not the aloe, but we will be able to sell you an ice-cold drink or maybe even muster an ice bag to take that edge off. This is definitely the-package-deal: Air con – theatre – ice cold drink; who knew you could have just as much fun away from the sun as in the sun!

The Byron Theatre is definitely Byron’s hidden gem! You may not notice that nicely tucked away from the busy-ness of Jonson Street is a quiet and cool oasis waiting for you and all other sun over-indulgers to dive into and experience some serious film filled rejuvenation. Cool? Let’s keep it fresh! Byron Theatre is keeping it seasonal, so, if venturing too far from the beach is a little daunting for your Byron- summer- vacay, let Byron Theatre bring the beach to you! All through summer, the Theatre is showing waves of surf films so you can get your beach fix – in A.I.R.C.O.N.D.I.T.I.O.N.I.N.G. What a breath of fresh air!

Go on a treasure hunt

The Byron Theatre is certainly a true gem, but like any hidden diamond you may need the help of my descriptive-treasure-map to find it (or google maps, but I think this way is much more fun).

Kick up your heels and don’t forget the spring in each step as you walk down Johnston street away from the beach (and to the film beach!). Keep springing and stepping until you find our gorgeous Coffee Box. Great treasure hunters; You have now struck your first clue and you are getting close – so close that your film filled night of excitement awaits in the big building next door. Open the door and treasure hunters, be sure to discover your next clue. If you don’t smell the popcorn from here, walk through these doors and you will certainly get a welcoming whiff of theatre-style-munchies and cold drinks to greet you in your arrival. Follow the yellow brick road of popcorn-scented air, straight to the “Box Office” and it is the glowing theatre doors behind which will lead you straight to the treasure.

The Theatre has a treasure chest of films and productions available waiting for you to explore and find that rare crystal which appeals directly to you! There are lots of choices including circus and acrobatics, dancing (ballet, hip hop, cultural), films (new and old), theatre performances, comedy, international and national musicians and LOTS MORE. Check out What’s On Byron for more shows and event and if you want to learn a little more about our Theatre check out Spoilt for Choice at the Theatre.

So, sun over-indulgers and treasure seekers, come and beat the burn at the Theatre this summer! Go on a journey down Johnston Street and discover Byron’s hidden Gem.

Rejuvenate this summer at the Theatre!