Surfin’ Surf Flix

Byron Bay Surf Flix

by Sarah Webb

Surfers, beach-(go)ers, film enthusiasts, marine conservationists – This is where I let you know how your worlds can collide. Surf Flix provides the perfect surf platform (like a surfboard and even made from similar material = good vibes), for anyone and everyone to jump on board and share the wave to support our local surf community and Byron’s blissful beaches.

Surf film – new, old, local, not so local

Surf Flix shows surf films, new, old, local, not so local – in order to celebrate and bring that surf community of Byron Bay together! It is also donating a portion of the funds to Positive Change for Marine Life, to help preserve our local beaches. Very cool.

Surf Flix’s premiere surfed across BCC’s screens on the 18th December, and may I tell you, I was right in there- riding the wave of surf-social-inclusion with another 200 of Byron’s passionate beach enthusiasts who gathered to watch the screening of surf-film-classic: Mother of the Earth. Luckily for all out there, if you have missed this screening, never fret; this event runs on the 3rd Tuesday of every month, so you can also ride this perfect surf platform (made from good vibes) across the wave of classic surf films yourself! Surf Flix promises to bring you a constant tidal line up of surf studded films waiting for you to enjoy. So, my advice -high tail it down to the theatre and live it up while the surfs (films) up.

Come and relax! The event boasts a very unique and social atmosphere, especially with the help of an added bonus = Mid. Show. Bar. Intermission. Very very cool. This way you can grab an ice cold drink and have a chance to get to know the surf community!

Just to make the event even greater – there are guest speakers! Yay! That means, you can mingle with other surfers and maybe with some big names in surfing as well (he-he),

Catching up with Rusty Miller

I even got to catch up with surf legend and Mother of the Earth star, Rusty Miller! Holy moly, boy was I excited! I caught him for a brief chat and was keen-as-the-sea to hear the ins and outs of his surfing career. And by-golly, he kept me hooked on every word. He spoke very humbly about his very successful career and I listened very closely while trying to withhold my bubbling excitement (which I did very well – thank you!).

I was instantly calmed by Rusty’s peaceful nature and as our conversation flowed, so did the more questions I wanted to ask!  “why do you enjoy surfing” I excitedly pressed, Rusty responded with:“ I love the closeness to nature”.  Yep, this gentle response had me hooked – tell me more Rusty! And thankfully – Rusty told me more! “The thing about surfing is you repeatedly get special occasions”, he said with a rush of admiration – he then continued to explain the cherished moments that he has had throughout his surfing career. He spoke with Joy and passion as he expressed the unforgettable times that he has had with friends in the waves and the precious moments that he has had with nature. What-a-(surf) legend (he he). I was enlightened by Rusty’s in-depth approach to surfing and was completely refreshed by our chat. Yep, refreshed! Rusty says that he is excited to come back and be a Surf Flix audience member, So, we will see Rusty again – phew – thank-surf-for-that!

I also got to catch up with a couple of our blog audience winners who won tickets to the screening of Mother of the Earth (check out Spoilt for Choice at the Byron Theatre), Hooray! We shared a few giggles in the Theatre foyer before the film – and I must say that these sunny, surfy women were a complete breath of fresh air! Look forward to seeing these two ladies again at our next Surf Flix event (you know who you are he-he)!

Every third Tuesday of the month

So surfers, beach-(go)ers, marine conservationists and… EVERYONE, Keep your eye on the calendar! Look out for the Third-Tuesday-of-Every-Month, come and…  

Save the marine life!

Support surfing!

Have a laugh!

Watch a surf movie!

Do a dance (if you really want)!

And come and enjoy what Surf Flix life is all about.

Tickets are $15 and can be bought from our box office (Mon – Fri 10.00am – 1.30pm), online or on the phone 02 6685 6807!

SO jump on the computer or come on down to our friendly Box Office and receive a friendly wave from our friendly volunteers as complimentary with your Surf Flix ticket.

See you there!

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