Spoilt for Choice at Byron Theatre

Byron Theatre

by guest author Sarah Webb

Because we love entertainment here at Byron Theatre (and BCC), we have decided to play a game! And guess what – prizes are up for grabs

How do we play?
  • Read the wonderful Byron Theatre related content below.
  • Answer the following question: “In which year did the Byron Theatre win the Dolphin Award for Best Venue?”
  • Find the answer below, hint: go back in history
  • Email your answer to media@byroncentre.com.au until 17th December.

… and you may just win one out of three double passes to our screening of Morning of the Earth on the 18th of December. Winning? I think Y.E.S.

We will draw the lucky winners on 18th December, the winners will be informed on the same day.

So, don’t miss out and participate!!

Byron Theatre is Byron’s local hotspot for creative talent.

Nestled within the Byron Community Centre, the theatre draws visitors from far and beyond in order to see its huge collection of films, performances and acts. It provides a platform to showcase artistic talent which not only benefits talented performers and inspires its visitors but offers support for our local community. Profits made from the Byron Theatre go back into improving it, as well as toward projects which aim to support and mend our local community.

Performance and theatre enthusiasts will find themselves right at home at the theatre. While preserving its old fashioned and authentic interior, it’s beautiful architecture combined with on-point décor creates the ultimate theatrical feel. The 246-seat amphitheatre boasts great air conditioning, lighting, tremendous sound and a welcoming atmosphere which is sure to provide a unique and wonderful experience to all guests.

Guests may even find themselves spoilt for choice with Byron Theatres huge range of shows and performances to choose from. Featuring local, national and international musical talent, stage and theatrical performances, dancing, circus performers and acrobatics, comedy performances, films, cultural performances, conferences and much more. By showcasing well-known talent, the theatre has become a hot commodity among tourists and Byron Bay locals. It has even played host to hugely renowned events such as the Byron Bay Film Festival, which featured some of the best independent films in the country!

The Theatre is also available to hire in order to put on your next performance! Whether you are planning your next event, production or performance, the Theatre’s unique Byron Bay character, is sure to add a welcoming charm to your next performance.

A Century of Creativity

The Byron Theatre has been utilised as a creative platform since well into last century.

It was initially developed as the Mechanics Institute which was further renamed as The School of Arts in 1985, from where the Byron Community and Cultural Centre was established. After undergoing a renovation to accommodate its expanding activities, it became the hit of the town while hosting balls, weekly dances, roller skating, meetings, films, physical clubs, pooling booths and home to a library. It was then further renamed the Byron literary institute in 1913. Unfortunately falling into a state of disrepair, the Byron community locals raised funds to repair the building, which it was then appointed as the Byron Bay Community Centre in 1981 and has continued to run creative projects since! The Byron Theatre then won the Dolphin Award for Best Venue in 2003!

The Theatre is a snapshot of Byron’s local history which is sure to be enjoyed well into the future!

So how do we buy tickets, you may ask? With our easy-to-purchase service online, you can grab these in your own time with a few simple clicks. Alternatively, don’t be shy – pop in and see one of our friendly volunteers and purchase your ticket (and receive a complimentary smile). The BCC box office is opened between 10 am and 1:30 pm, Monday to Friday. We will see you there!

And remember, for those on the hunt for the answer for our social media challenge- search high and low (and back in time) and submit your answers quick! come and experience the charm of the theatre for yourself!

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