Seniors’ program

 Senior Drumming in the park
Seniors’ program at the Byron Community Centre

The Byron Community Centre started offering activities for seniors in the Byron Shire six years ago in 2012. Since then the centre continuously added to the program. Activities now include “Elder Beats”, “Seniors’ Choir”, “Seniors’ Morning Tea” and “Seniors’ Chair Yoga”. All activities are free but donations are welcome.

Creating community connection

The idea is to foster a sense of belonging and community connection for older people. We provide a platform for sharing wisdom, opportunities for intergenerational bridge building and create a more inclusive and healthy Byron Bay for our older residents. With the Seniors’ program, the Byron Community Centre strives to create a more inclusive community by celebrating the rich and diverse range of older residents. The centre also aims to create opportunities for older people to participate in the community.

“Our seniors’ program creates a more inclusive community and increases opportunities for older people to participate in the community.” says Program Coordinator Pippy Wardell.

Join our Seniors’ Progam

Seniors’ activities take place every Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s not necessary to make an appointment just show up on the day. Our seniors’ activities are free but we welcome a small donation.

Elder Beats

More than 20 seniors – including residents of two local aged-care facilities – gather at the Byron Community Centre each Tuesday morning for a drumming circle. The session is held 10:30am-11:30am led by Gareth Jones from Sound Synergy.

The development of Drumming Circles for the elderly is a new phenomenon that is rapidly spreading worldwide in forward-thinking organisations. The sessions provide some major health benefits as well as providing an opportunity for fun, social interaction, improving the lives of all who participate.

Seniors’ Choir

Seniors’ Choir is held each Wednesday morning 10:30am-11:30am, suggested donation $10.00. The Choir is led by Kim Banffy. Kim Banffy is a singer/songwriter, visual artist and a writer of books. Kim holds a Masters degree in Education, specialising in Creative Arts, M.Ed. To learn more about Kim visit her website.

Seniors’ Morning Tea

The Byron Community Centre hosts a Seniors’ morning tea every Tuesday morning from 11:30am- 12:00 in the courtyard. Morning tea is a fun, informal gathering created to foster meaningful connections between seniors, BCC volunteers and the wider community.

Seniors’ Chair Yoga

Seniors’ Chair yoga runs each Tuesday at the Byron Community Centre from 12-1pm, suggested donation $10.00. Our Chair Yoga sessions are run by two very experienced yoga teachers Pippy Wardell and Christine Stoevelaar. Both, Christine and Pippy posses extensive experience in teaching and practising yoga and mindfulness.

Learn more about our Seniors’ program on the BCC website or contact the Program Coordinator Pippy Wardel on


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