Proud to be a part of BCC

by Sarah Webb

Hello, fellow community enthusiasts! I am glad you have joined us for this weeks post! Becauuuuuuuse, this post is all about the goooooood and wonderful deeds that we do here at Byron Community Centre and may I tell you fellow community enthusiasts – there is a lot.

As you may know (and if you don’t, strap in your seat belts – because I am about to tell you) that BCC is a social enterprise, WHICH MEANS (drumrol.l.l.l.l.I) all the goods and services we provide, are provided for the community to promote cultural and social inclusion. And that’s not all, we are a NOT FOR PROFIT SOCIAL ENTERPRISE which means (we are awesome) THAT ALL THE PROFITS WE MAKE FROM OUR COMMUNITY GOODS AND SERVICES – we put straight back into the community, to better the lives of those in the community. What we do get to keep for ourselves is the joy we get for helping the community!

The phenomenal work we do is completely mind-boggling, the figures from our good work are incredible. And honestly, as a fellow BCC volunteer (and community enthusiast) I am proud to say that we have reached some incredible goals in the year 2018.

You can have a browse through our impact update of 2018 for yourself to experience complete mind boggle-ness, but, like the proud BCC volunteer I am – I am going to tell you (and also possibly yell them from BCC’S rooftop, so I hope you are all looking up!).

The projects and services we run under our social enterprise are the coffee box (coffee, YUM), the Byron theatre (Theatre – good!),  Byron Markets (everything Byron and more – Byronlicious), and our venue hire (yay).

All of the profits made from these areas go right back into the community. This means Coffee box’s coffee – to the Community! Byron Theatre tickets – to the Community! Byron Markets Stall Holder fees – to the Community!  Venue room hire’s room fees – TO THE COMMUNITY!

The profits are then put straight into community mending projects such as the Homeless Breakfast and our Homeless showers which greatly impact our community!

So, I must say – (hold my laptop while I scream this from the rooftop) “this is a social enterprise I’m VERY proud to be a part of!”.

Let’s get serious, and when I say serious – I mean, I’m about to tell you some SERIOUS figures that will blow your mind (seriously).

BCC overall invested ONE POINT EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS IN TWENTY EIGHTEEN in order to better the lives of those in the local community. THAT’S $1,800,000 in 2018. WOW.

Some figures to also be EXTRA PROUD OF is the fact that throughout 2018 we provided a monthly average of 98 HEALTHY breakfasts and homeless showers to 56 vulnerable community members!

Our Coffee BOX has an 8O% reported increase in community connection (That’s what we like to see!), 85% of coffee box training program attendees are NOW EMPLOYED, STUDYING OR VOLUNTEERING IN THE COMMUNITY (YAY!), AND 1OO% HAD A reported increase in self-confidence – wow, just wow.

ANDDDDDDDD we have had 45 MARKETS which is made up of 14 Community Markets, 27 Twilight Markets and 4 Beachside Markets – WOWEE! These markets had a combined total of 6744 stalls! That’s a whole lot of stalls!

And of course! we can’t forget OUR volunteers! In 2018 we had 334 volunteers subscribe to receive volunteer e-news and updates. GOOOOO TEAM!

As you can see, this is a ‘social enterprise’ to be very PROUD OF. So jump on our website, take a look for yourself at the 2018 Impact Update and prepare yourself!

You’re in for a shock (the good kind) ☺.

Hooray BCC!

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