Our seniors’ activities, part 1: Drumming vibes

by Sarah Webb

Can you guess what this post is about? Well, SENIOR DRUMMING TIME of course.  On this post, I am going to shine some SERIOUS LIGHT on one of our SENIORS activities, DRUMMING! We’re talking bongo drums, Morroco shakers and boy YOU GUESSED IT, a WHOLE lot of dancing.

Our senior activities are great, inspirational and a whole lot of DRUMMING fun. These rhythm spirited seniors are the life of the party and take the stage when it comes to energy. Picture a room filled with vibrant seniors drumming out the best beats and enjoying life to the absolute fullest!

The drumming session starts with a whole lot of drumming, met with a whole lot of dancing before they return to a whole lot more drumming. It’s wonderful, powerful, and the energy is completely contagious! And totally fit for any senior to jump in and join in on this drumming action!

You can see why we love our seniors!

So seniors! You can join in on this fun and vibrant event every Tuesday at 10:30 am! Get ready for some fun! Senior style!

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