This section includes businesses selling personal ornaments such as necklaces, rings or bracelets.

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Ace of SwordsMelissa of Swords is a mystical luxe jewellery label from Byron Bay. Each Silver or Gold piece is individually made by hand in Australia using the best quality materials, sourced from around the globe. Featuring meaningful natural gemstones, Ace of Swords creates enchanted jewellery for the modern mystic and the free spirit.
Argenton DesignLisa Argentonwww.argentondesign.comSterling silver, 9ct rose and yellow gold, set with precious gems, like pearls, sapphires, aquamarine, turquoise, and small diamonds. Semi-precious stone and silver beaded necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.
Ark of ConsciousnessBodhi Hangebrauk
We create beautiful handmade jeweller: custom name necklaces (made to order on site); wire wrapped chakra and birthstone designs; sterling silver and gold gemstone jewellery; macrame gemstone and names jewellery and steampunk. All handmade by us in our studio in Tyagarah or on-site at the markets. We are a family business and have been attending the Byron Shire markets for over 25 years. We are Bodhi and Mita (Amy Simmonds) and River Bodhi Radau. We are also producing original fine art paintings.
Blossom and SkyChristine Tysonwww.blossomandsky.comPortions and tarot reading.
Bob The Spoon BenderBarb>bob_the_spoon_benderWe make unique Jewellery from genuine antique and vintage cutlery that we source from all over the world. Many pieces are exclusively one-off. After many years of making our jewellery we have an extensive knowledge of cutlery and in most cases can give customers the history of the cutlery that we have used in their selected piece. Our range consists of rings, bracelets, wrist cuffs, pendants, ear-rings, and key rings. One of our specialities is our beautiful mermaid/whale tails we cut from spoons and hand engrave. They also come in our full range mentioned.
Bohemian Dreams DesignsKyra Dreams Designs has all your hair needs covered with a huge range of crystal crowns in an array of colours and styles! Also available crystal hair accessories including hair pins, hair clips, combs, barrettes, hair jewels! Crystal grids to manifest those good weekend vibes along with some cheeky lapel pins.
Byron OpalsSuzanne & Isaac in crystals & opals.
Byron Youth Service IncRosalie pop-up of 4 young creatives from the Byron Flea Market, showcasing jewellery, art, and design. You can also find out about the Byron Flea, Youth Enterprise programs at BYS, & the Youth Activity Centre.
Clive WilsonClive Wilsonwww.Lordofthecoinrings.comI make rings from pre-decimal copper and silver coins using traditional hand tools.
Edie and Bill Sustainable JewelleryElizabeth make sustainable jewellery from recycled coffee pods and recycled magazines.
Ellen’s CrystalsSharon silver, gemstone and crystal jewellery. Handmade tote bags.
Elodie JewelleryElodie and designed sterling and fine silver jewellery.
EmubeadsMichele handmake glassbeads – using a combo of gases, glass is warmed to liquid and wound around a mandril which determines the hole size. I handmake silver components to combine with the beads to make earrings, necklace pieces, and necklaces.
Faya CollectiveDexter Riley and accessory.
Heather Usher DesighHeather Usher
I design and handmake ladies jewellery. The stones I use are crystals and semi-precious stones which are sourced primarily in Australia and a portion overseas. The metals I use to form rings, bracelets, and necklaces, are mainly stirling silver with a selected range of copper and brass. All products are handmade in my home workshop. I do not purchase pre-made jewellery items or hand assemble.
Heidi WilliamsHeidi, freshwater pearl & sterling silver handcrafted Jewellery. Unique & bespoke, boho whimsical. Amber teething jewellery.
Helen Fleur DesignsHelen use silver, brass and bronze to create jewellery inspired by nature and the ocean.
Helen The Gypsy JewellerHelen gemstone, clay pendents, and resin earrings.
Jayen Perkal Jewellery DesignsJayen Leperkalwww.jayenperkaljewellerydesigns.comUnique jewellery designs with rare gemstones. One off pieces.
Jenny ReidJenny Reidwww.jennyreidjewellery.comHandmade jewellery mixing recycled, vintage and new materials.
Jewels of ByronJohn & Christina silver and gold jewellery with gemstones designed and handmade locally by John Peebles
Julie Parker JewelleryJulie Parkerwww.julieparkerjewellery.comHandmade by me – contemporary sterling silver and brass jewellery.
Juno Stone and SilverMarli Funstonwww.junostoneandsilver.comHandmade beaded genuine gemstone and pure silver jewellery, with an emphasis on Mala Necklaces and Raw Stones.
Jux JewelleryPerle Gorjuxwww.juxjewellery.comSolid sterling silver jewellery handmade by Perle in her studio. Each piece is one of a kind and made using the ancient process of lost wax casting. Perle uses a variety of natural Australian opals and gemstones in her pieces.
KatzooDesignKat make earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets – using copper, brass, sterling silver and semi precious stones. My pieces are unique and my own designs.
Lally & MeMikey handcraft unique jewellery, art and cufflinks using recycled materials including sterling silver, copper, vintage cutlery, coins and porcelain. We specialise in spoon rings, stunning one-off gemstone pieces, handstamping and custom orders. We also have a beautiful range of whale and dolphin tail pendants, bracelets and rings that are handcut from recycled silver spoons.
Leela DesignsArnaud and stone silver jewellery and accessories.
Living CrystalOlivia weave wire and wrap it around crystals, reiki-infusing as I work to enhance the properties of the crystals. Every piece is a one-of-a-kind and hand-crafted. There are never two the same. I work and craft in natural environments like waterfalls and national parks.
Local Talent JewelsCharles Des Fours Walderode
Jewellery made from brass, silver, stone, shell, leather, wood and resin, in earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, & anklets.
MYSTICAAmanda MagriWebsite:
Instagram: @mysticajewellery
Handcrafted silver & gemstone jewellery made with Love. All 925 sterling silver. Mandy Collective is for the free-spirited woman who embraces the adventure of life. Our handcrafteds silver and gemstone jewellery will let your sacred inner goddess to shine. Mandy Collective is about living out your inner truth of love and happiness. And it is about encouraging and inspiring others to do the same.
Manimal CraftwearSam stone craft and boulder opal jewellery.
Mermaid CollectiveVictoria Patchellwww.themermaidcollective.comBringing you ocean inspired jewellery and accessories daydreamed by Byron Bay designer, marine conservationist and mermaid, Victoria Patchell. All items are made with lots of love, sterling silver and ethical seashells and gemstones. They are the perfect totem to carry your love for the sea and fond memories of Byron. Victoria specializes in mermaid carvings and creates unique mermaid rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings.
Mustang&SallyMagira personally make all of my hemp macrame jewellery using crystals, shells and wood.
MysticulumMatthias – mostly made from silver with gemstones. A mix of my designs that I have made overseas and my own silver-smithing made here, including the polishing and cutting of the various rough stones that I make here locally. Also a selection of crystals and mineral specimen, many of which I cut and polish. To create a good range of product there is an array of jewellery items such as body-jewellery, bracelets, anklets etc that are imported from overseas.
Nanihi Tahitian PearlsNatalie Grewwww.nanihipearls.comWe make Tahitian pearl strands & jewellery set into gold, silver and leather.
Natural Opal 2 URobert Lindsay
I cut, polish and drill Qld boulder for Australian opal pendants. I cut and polish crystal opal and value add silver settings jewellery.
NevouxDecoPaul Fitton
Rose gold, white gold, & silver jewellery made & finished in the Shire. Also stones – opal, turquoise, etc cut by myself.
Nias Handmade JewelleryJade brass jewellery handcrafted in the Nth Rivers of NSW. The current Nias Brass collection has unique designs inspired by the family heritage of the designer, Jade Solien. Each piece has intricate distinctions achieved by patination, electro-etching and macram. A celebration of her own exceptional inspirations. Jade loves the use of bold patterns, colour and natural materials such as the paua shell and crystals. All of Nias jewellery is made from recycled brass and all findings are hypoallergenic. With Jades cultural palette she is constantly changing and evolving Nias style, leaving an abundance of worn art not yet revealed.
Padma Mandala Sterling SilverVivi(en) sterling silver jewellery using opals, shells, bone, precious & semi-precious stones – rings, pendants, necklaces, bangles and ear rings.
Paititi HealingJjewelleryJose Castro
My product is 100% handmade by myself. The techniques I using are macramé, metal and silver smithing. The materials I use are all natural because of the benefit of the healing properties like: crystals, minerals, stones, shells, feather and bones. This is a mix of the mineral kingdom and animal kingdom, bringing balance and duality to complement to each other.
Pele JewelleryOlga our jewellery is original designs, handmade by either ourselves or cast in our small family workshop, Pele Jewellery started at the Byron Markets 20 years ago and we are now in our workshop and studio in the Byron industrial estate. Our business and products are designed and created by myself, my sister and sister in-law. All our products are made using recycled metals, stirling silver and other natural materials. Our designs are inspired by Australia’s coastal environments.
Phillip Sleeman JewelleryPhillip handcrafted silver and gold jewellery with precious gemstones. Specializing in making engagement and wedding rings. Made to order, redesigning old jewellery and also repair work of jewellery.
Pirates DreamingAdelaide Fridaywww.piratesdreaming.comPirates Dreaming designs and creates jewellery for the rule breakers and the style makers, the dreamers and the adventurous spirits.
Poco LocoPaz del Rosario Gonzalez sell nice and not expensive jewellery including necklaces, anklets, chockers and bracelets – made of leather, cotton, stones and metal.
Rising Moon HealingTarryn Hillwww.risingmoonhealing .comCrystal macrame handcrafted necklaces, bracelets, rings, and dream catchers.
Silbermond DesignSteffi handmade sterling silver and gemstone jewellery .
Silver Aether JewelleryPatrick Saul
I handmake sterling silver jewellery. I use plenty of stones in my work, with a huge love of opals. I am heavily influenced by the ocean and it shows in many of the unique pieces I make.
Simone MarkovitchSimone design sterling silver, gold and brass jewellery.
Sol-Ocean Inspired JewelleryShir handmake ocean-inspired jewellery by using shells from my surfing trips to magical beaches all over the world. I mould and wax cast them into gold and silver to create a special original look for my creations. I combine ocean motives such as whale tails, sea turtles, sea horses, starfish, cowrie shells, pearls and crystals. My recent collection is inspired from Hawaii using the magical stones, shells, pearls, and recycled glass that I gathered there. I use high-quality gold-filled and recycled sterling silver and I don’t use any chemicals in the process of soldering and waxing them.
Soul Jewels – Healing Gems & CrystalsShanti Cantrelle
High quality gems both in jewellery and non-set. We make some of the necklaces and bracelets we sell. Others are either Australian made or imports. We also sell a variety of high quality and cheap crystals, fossils and other minerals. Some of which we have collected on the field and polished.
Spirits ConceptVinka Bravo Dragicevicwww.spirits_concept.comI travel to different places in the world and hand-select crystals unique to that area and make them into jewellery. I also do reiki & crystal healing with them and explain their medicinal and energetic properties to my customers.
Stay at Home GypsyHollie Simmonswww.stayathomegypsy.comI am a silversmith who specialises in making one of a kind, custom made and small-run collections of rings, cuffs and pendants, using traditional Native American techniques as well as modern wire-wrapping. All products are made using 100% eco-friendly & Australian made recycled sterling silver, gemstones and opals that are found both here and sourced from all over the globe.
Stephen Turner JewelleryStephen Turner
Local handmade sterling silver and gold jewellery of high quality.
Tarshito Craft & MusicTarshito(Hyam) Behrwww.tarshito.bandcamp.comJewellery – self made and imports. CD’s my own music composed, played and produced by myself. Imported incense.
The StoneryTimo Stonery is a collection of hard crafted, raw crystal jewellery, with unisex designs – each piece unique in its stone and setting. The Stonery creator, Timo, has an extensive knowledge of crystals and holds metalsmithing workshops out of his studio in Byron Bay. The crystals used throughout the jewellery range have been sourced from all over Australia, and some have been carefully selected during travels around the globe – each piece has its own story.
The Tribal ElementJeremy hand make tribe-inspired jewellery using crystals, string, leather and silver. I have both macrame style necklaces and silver set opal pendants. I also make silver rings, some with hand-polished and set opals. Much of my jewellery features Australian opals that I cut and polish myself. I also have a range of high quality crystal specimens and fossils sourced from around the world.
Turkish Designs With LoveStephen Harriott
We primarily sell jewellery designed by my partner Gul and made by a charity organisation in Ankara, Turkey. We also sell boho style clothing from Istanbul. In addition, there are some Turkish towels and ornamental objects.
Two In The SunJustine handmade by me using natural & sustainable materials & processes. Specialising in recycled silver, copper, shell, ethically sourced stones, hemp, kangaroo leather & seasonable materials. Our designs are simple, oceanic & made to last.
Two TidesNicole Designs With LoveSterling silver jewellery, crystals, hanging crystal suncatchers, & handicrafts.
Yam Mala BeadsLeire goal is to offer you crystal healing through mala beads and bracelets. We have a small collection of hand-picked special crystals and smudge bundles too. We want be part of your journey and help you to manifest your intentions, providing you with mindful and spiritual tools.