Markets from the Heart of the Community

Our Community Market

By guest author Sarah Webb

Operating on the first Sunday of every month, this market offers a communal-based platform for vendors and attendees to come together in order to strengthen the community.

The market offers a collection of locally sourced produce, flavourful nibbles, eccentric clothing, art, unique Byron Bay products and is complemented by a fabulous exhibition of Byron’s’ local musical talent which is sure to leave attendees exiting the market in wonderment.

Located at Butler street reserve and functioning between the hours of 8 am and 3pm, BCC’s Market is a delightful showcase of the Byron Bay community and welcomes anyone’s involvement.


History of the Markets

Byron Bay Community Markets was founded in the mid-1980’s. Since its development, it has attracted people from all walks of life. Majida Steinfeld, assistant manager of the Byron Community Market of 8 years, stated that her favourite element of the Markets was “meeting the huge amount of diverse people”. This integration of diversity has initialised a strong state of community and a flourishment in Byron’s uniqueness.

The Byron Community Markets could not be put together without a dedicated team, fabulous volunteers and of course, the wonderful works of the Byron Bay community. This is a truly special event which incorporates both diversity and inclusion to create community.

To find out more about the Byron Community Markets visit our website.

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