Last updated: 17/03/2020

The Byron Community Centre in line with NSW Health recommendations is implementing some changes for the health and safety of the volunteers, staff and clients of the centre.

To reduce person-to-person contact at the centre:

  • The office and reception will be closed to the public.
  • Staff are encouraged to work from home when possible.
  • All Seniors’ Activities are cancelled until further notice.
  • Volunteer shifts will be reduced. 
  • Specific changes to volunteers shifts and procedures will be communicated ASAP. 

Please DO NOT come to the centre if:

  • You are at all unwell
  • You have had contact with someone returning from overseas in the past 15 days
  • You have had contact with someone diagnosed with Corona Virus (COVID19)

If you come in for volunteer work, please ensure that you:

  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Maintain a 1.5m social distance.
  • Do not share water bottles etc (BYO cup, bowl, plate and cutlery).

Some changes already implemented include:

  • Reception is closed to the public. 
  • Volunteer Hub will do telephone interviews only.
  • Seniors activities are postponed.
  • Hand sanitizer is available for use during all shifts.
  • Limited number of staff in the kitchens, offices etc.
  • Some shifts have been cancelled.