Hooray for Volunteers Day!

By Sarah Webb

Hello readers and welcome again to yet another one of our posts highlighting the great things that happen here, not only for the community but for our community volunteers! And guess what? Last Monday (20th May) was our VOLUNTEERS DAY in celebration of National Volunteer Week and – of course – our amazing volunteers! And if you haven’t read it in the title, I will repeat it again HOORAY, readers, HOORAY FOR VOLUNTEERS DAY!

So, like EVERY VOLUNTEER I was invited and like every volunteer event, I had a jipper of a time! There was clothes swapping, the movie ‘nine to five’ featuring good ol’ DOLLY PARTON and nibbles after. I was there for the whole day and let’s just say it went OFF.

THE CLOTHES SWAP, oh my, the clothes swap! I had a ball and so did the rest of the volunteers who attended. SO, the concept was, you bring in a bunch of your old clothes and you leave with NEW CLOTHES which are other volunteers OLD CLOTHES which is; like your NEW best friend.

There were racks and racks of lovely garments waiting to go to their next owner and while everyone gabbed and giggled while trying on their next garment, I giggled away – dancing in my brilliant NEW shirt that I got for FREE. HOORAY! This event brought some serious joy to many volunteers and those who thought they weren’t going to find anything – guess what – THEY LEFT WITH ALMOST EVERYTHING. Well not THAT much stuff, but they left with a lot of brilliant new garments to show off while VOLUNTEERING YAY.

The movie was hilarious and as volunteers “work 9 – 5, a way to make a (happy) living”, we all joyfully sang along to the tunes of the movie and danced away. Not only was their singing and dancing; IT WAS A COSTUME SCREENING. Yep, we all dressed up in our BEST office attire and we rocked it!

Last but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, the party continued with Nibbles and yep, THOSE WENT DOWN WELL. It was a wonderful way to polish off VOLUNTEERS DAY and a wholeeeee plate of cake and if you have read our previous VOLUNTEER POSTS, OUR VOLUNTEERS LOVE CAKE, so THIS DAY WAS CONSIDERED A COMPLETE SUCCESS.

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