Happy 10 year anniversary, Cherie!

Cherie, community programs manager

As you all know, Cherie is our amazing Community Programs manager, and she’s celebrating 10 years at the Community Centre this year!

Thank you, Cherie

Cherie oversees a magnitude of programs including the Byron Shire Volunteer Hub, the Seniors’ programs, the BCC reception and the Rough Sleepers Projects which include the Severe Wet Weather Shelter, the Byron Shire Showers Project and the Homeless Breakfast Hub.

Cherie, we love you and want to THANK YOU for everything you do every day in the Community Centre and for the Byron Community.

Cherie’s story

In December 2019, I was one of 37 who applied for the 10 hours a week job as Volunteer Coordinator, one of 5 to get an interview and one of 3 to have a trial with front reception extraordinaire Trish Denoon. I got the job. 

When Paul told me over the phone and asked what days I wanted to work, I wasn’t sure and he said “Well we can work it out later, as long as you are happy Cherie, we will be happy!” No employer had ever said that to me before. I’ve been pretty happy ever since.

The position was bumped up to 15 within 6 months and once the Volunteer Hub was formed in 2014, went up to 20 hours per week. With changes to funding and staffing, community programs were added to my responsibilities in 2018. The volunteer workforce at the centre has been an extraordinary phenomenon and for those staff who have the ability to coordinate and work with volunteers on a daily basis, their work is greatly enhanced. I’ve always said that “The volunteers make me look good” and I stick by that!

I signed my employment contract in early February 2010, so the actual anniversary has slipped by, but Pippy assures me there will be a party to celebrate all of the long-timers at the centre (eg Carl Taylor, Majida, Shamana, Surati, Jeannie to name a few). I particularly want to thank Pippy for all her support and commitment throughout the years as both a volunteer and staff.

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