First Sun - NYD



Last year’s inaugural FIRST SUN event was a resounding success with more than 200 people marking the dawn of the New Year to the sound of gongs.

This year Byron Community Centre in conjunction with Byron Shire Council and The Falls Festival are pleased to once again invite visitors and local residents to come together for a mindful celebration promoting peace and harmony for 2017.


Starting at 5.15am sharp we will welcome 2017 with a transformative, family-friendly, sunrise gathering at the Byron Bay Lighthouse.
As we come together to sow the seeds for the new year, Katie Connolly will read out an intention for community and global peace and play the crystal bowls to lead us into silent mediation. Then, because all seeds need both water and sunlight to grow, as the first rays of the sun grace our shores, Avishai Bernatan will offer a Sound Shower* sending resonant, healing sound waves over and through us as we focus on our own individual intentions for the year ahead.

And, as every intention needs action to bring it into being, we invite you to join us for QiGong with Shirsha-Marie or Yoga with Claire Evans to take those thoughts and embed them in your bodies through rejuvenating movement.

Finally, in the tradition of Tibetan prayer flags, all are welcome to write or draw their intentions on a New Year’s prayer flag. These will be strung up on the trees in the park so that your wishes for the year will be blown by the wind to spread goodwill and compassion into our community and beyond, bringing benefit to all.

Participants are advised to bring a yoga mat, cushion or blanket to lie or sit on and a water bottle.

* More information about the Sound Shower:

“The Soundshower combines chimes, tibetan bowls, flutes and overtone chanting. During a session participants are invited to lie down and are immersed  in vibrations created by these special instruments. Throughout the “Shower” different instruments are carried around the room and sometimes placed physically on the body of participants. Flutes and voice are used to create a magical musical journey and overtones charge the brain and energize.  The aluminum chimes which are at the centre of the Soundshower are tuned to the earth year tone. This tone is the sound created by the earth’s movement around the Sun. The 32nd octave of this movement is C# at 136.1 hertz. In India’s ancient tradition this note is considered as the universal sound (Aum) and is the preferred note to tune their instruments and meditate to. This Tone is intimately tied with the year’s cycles and season changes.”  – perfect for ringing the changes on a New Year!

Line up for the day

5:15am Start
Crystal bowls & visualisation for the New Year with Katie Connolly
Silent Meditation
Sunrise Sound Shower with Avishai
QiGong with Shirsha Marie
Yoga with Claire Evans
Prayer Flag creation
7:30 close

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