Walking with Purpose: Simpson Desert 2019 presented by Australian Desert Expeditions

Walking with Purpose - Camel Expeditions Simpson Desert 2019 presented by Australian Desert Expeditions at Byron Theatre

Slow Travel – Walking with Purpose on a Great Desert Trek

N.B. This is a free event, but places are strictly limited.
RSVP – clare@backtrack.com.au | Tel. 1300 669 780

Australian Desert Expeditions partners with Indigenous Australians, leading universities, state and national government land management authorities, and private research institutions to conduct scientific and ecological survey expeditions into remote regions of Australia’s deserts, the largest desert region in the southern hemisphere.

There are two components to our research surveys – the ecological and scientific documentation, and the desert trekking experience with our camels. Walking alongside traditionally outfitted pack camels, in the grand tradition of the early explorers and pioneering Afghan cameleers, delivers the smallest environmental footprint possible. Our scientists and ecologists will teach you about the extensive desert flora & fauna and the people who have called our deserts home for thousands of years.

Our expeditions are a direct living link to the historical spirit and cultural heritage of scientific desert exploration of the 19th and 20th Centuries.

Walking the desert is timeless. Every single step reveals the story of this ancient landscape.