Turn the Tide Film Tour presented by Adventure Reels & Byron Theatre

Turn the Tide Film Tour presented by Adventure Reels & Byron Theatre

Swimming in a sea of bad news about the state of our oceans, it is important to remember that we can be the change we want to see in the world. The Turn the Tide Film Tour presents an Island of Hope in what can often seem a sea of sadness.

Turn the Tide is a 95-minute program of inspiring environmentally focused ocean films from independent filmmakers from around the globe. The vision of Turn the Tide is to inspire people to protect our oceans, re-invigorate those who are already working hard to protect it and celebrate positive ocean conservation stories. The aim of the Turn the Tide Film Festival is for everyone who views the program to walk out feeling empowered that one person really can make a difference and there is no reason why that one person can’t be YOU!

The 2019 Turn the Tide Film Tour is comprised of 9 short films that shine the light on issues such as noise pollution in our oceans and its effect on whales, unique coral restoration programs, the plight of sharks in the Bahamas. The films will introduce you to inspiring characters and incredible marine life.

Travel from an African Penguin colony to the nesting colony of 5200 breeding pairs of shy albatross to the south of Australia. Celebrate the unique programs to conserve our oceans and the inspiring individuals who are making them happen.

Turn the Tide is inspirational, educational and entertaining. If you love the ocean you will love the Turn the Tide Film Tour.

Find out more at www.facebook.com/TurntheTidetour

A percentage of the proceeds will go to Positive Change For Marine Life, to help develop long-term solutions to marine conservation issues worldwide, alongside local communities who rely on the ocean for survival.

Find out more about Positive Change For Marine Life at www.pcfml.org.au

4.00pm – Internet sales close
5.00pm – Venue Doors open / Box Office sales open / Events Bar open 
5.40pm – Theatre doors open
6.00pm – Turn the Tide Film Tour
8.00pm – Event concludes (includes 20 min interval)