The Power of Sound presented by One Vision Productions

The Power of Sound presented One Vision Productions at Byron Theatre

Sound has been central to our lives since the beginning of time, a fundamental force used to cement civilisations and shape consciousness.

The Power of Sound explores and compares timeless secrets from ancient sites and indigenous knowledge with the latest scientific insights, all set against the far-reaching influence of today’s global media culture.

Gathering wisdom from the 4 corners of the globe, witness Mark Robertson’s quest to shepherd forgotten knowledge to the fore, in an era where humanity is waking up. Join Mark as he explores mysteries and monuments of past civilisations, interviews shaman and ancient tribes people, witnesses song and ceremony in action and investigates modern advances using Sound for everything from healing to weaponry.

This dynamic Power of Sound series takes you on a sensory journey of ancient wisdom rediscovered, illuminating a new view of our modern world and perhaps a way forward for a society that is becoming dangerously lost in conflict and noise.

Please note: Arrival time 6.30pm, for a 7pm screening.

4.30pm – Internet Sales close
5.30pm – Venue doors open | Box Office sales open | Events Bar open
6.30pm – Theatre doors open
7.00pm – The Power of Sound 
9.00pm – Event concludes