The Heart Collectors

October 11, 2014 @ 6:00 am – 10:00 am
Railway Park
Byron Bay NSW 2481
Tess Cullen
The Heart Collectors @ Railway Park | Byron Bay | New South Wales | Australia

The Heart Collectors, are as ingenuous as they come… Consisting of stunning vocals, soaring cello, sparkling mandolin and intricate acoustic guitar, their music and lyrics inspire a return to innocence, integrity and all that is good in the world. From humble beginnings as a song writing duo, Kymrie Henge and Magus Osiris spent much of 2013 honing their craft – perfecting their poetry and setting it to delicate finger picking guitar tunes. This intricate sound formed the foundation of many of the Heart Collectors’ first songs and weaves itself seamlessly through the band’s overall feel. The Heart Collectors were joined soon after by Mobius Barnaby, another local musician whose extensive experience as a classical musician and recording artist took the sound of this already intriguing musical combo to a whole new level. The unforgettable, sonorous feel of the Cello and added vocal harmonies was just the ticket, and the band began to perform live in their local area to very appreciative audiences. The final piece to this musical puzzle fell into place with the arrival of Tristan Dafoe, a life-long friend and Banjo/Mandolin player hailing from Wisconsin, USA. His distinctive country/bluegrass style, firmly rooted in his home country’s heritage was just enough difference to shift the sound of the band to yet another level. The “sound” was finally complete, and the band began to draw crowds wherever they played.