The 13th Annual Byron Bay Film Festival – Day 9

BBFF2019 at Byron Theatre

Day 9 – Saturday 26 October


 11.00am – Spotlight On Byron Shorts

We live in a creative hotspot – overflowing with hard-working talented writers, photographers and musicians. We’re delighted to see some of BBFF’s perennial favourites making ever better films,and welcome the fresh approach of those creating cinema for the first time.

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BBFF2019 at Byron Theatre - Manus - Spotlight On Byron Shorts


1.15pm – Julia Blue

An original love story of a promising young artist and injured soldier set against contemporary Ukraine revolution against Russia. Julia, a photojournalism student living in war-torn Ukraine, finds her path towards independence and a brighter future challenged after meeting and falling for English, a young soldier fresh from the war zone. Capturing a fleeting love story in a very specific time and place one year after the 2014 revolution in Kyiv, Julia Blue is a different kind of war story providing fascinating insight into Ukrainian culture and idiosyncrasy, old and new. Performance-driven, artistic and subtle, it is told through the eyes of a young woman who must ultimately choose the best path for her future. A delightful, creative and realistic film, Julia Blue and its emerging female writer/director are ones to watch.

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BBFF2019 at Byron Theatre - Julia Blue


3.30pm – Young Australian Filmmakers

A great selection of films from Australia’s Best Up and Coming Film Talent

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BBFF2019 at Byron Theatre - Young Australian Filmmakers