The 13th Annual Byron Bay Film Festival – Day 4

BBFF2019 at Byron Theatre

Day 4 – Monday 21 October


 2.30pm – Film X 

BBFF’s X Film – a work made against the dictates of the state, which we have had to keep anonymous, to ensure its maker is not arrested. We are showing it to demonstrate our belief in free speech, and the right of the artist to create. The film is not political: though it is a bleak observation of society, it has more general themes – lies, guilt, identity and freedom. An artful, claustrophobic drama about lies, repression, and the struggle for freedom.

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BBFF2019 at Byron Theatre - Film X


5.00pm – Major Arcana

Set in the backwoods of Vermont, Major Arcana follows itinerant carpenter Dink as he struggles to find redemption and end a legacy of alcoholism and poverty by building a log cabin. He is a skilled and precise artisan but his plans for a new home and a fresh start are complicated when he reunites with Sierra, a woman with whom he shares a troubled past. She reads Tarot cards – hence the film’s title – but doesn’t want to read his future. Dink is forced to reconcile his old life choices with his new ones, in this nicely-judged study of character and the challenges of shedding the connections to our past.

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BBFF2019 at Byron Theatre - Major Arcana


7.30pm – Out Deh – The Youth of Jamaica

Out Deh is a documentary which portrays a new generation of Jamaicans in transition, determined to get out of old and set structures in society and culture – and contribute with their fresh mindset and strength to a new understanding of the island of Jamaica. By diving intensely into the reality of the three protagonists Shama, Romar, and Bakersteez, the film offers us a deep insight into their daily struggle of searching for their individual way into a bright, self-determined future: Shama without any question being the best and first professional surfer of the island. Bakersteez is just starting a worldwide career as one of the uprising rappers creating and adding to a new Jamaican sound. Romar’s rough upbringing in the Tivoli Garden ghetto touches us profoundly while we can share his dreams and thoughts as he puts his first steps out.

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BBFF2019 at Byron Theatre - Out Deh