Setting a Direction for a Future Life: A Byron Bay Retreat with David Whyte presented by Talking Sticks

David Whyte - Setting a Direction for a Future Life: A Byron Bay Retreat at Byron Theatre presented by Talking Sticks

In this program, David invites you to consider internal resilience and the necessity for following a certain star not seen or perceived by anyone else, an internal migration or path running parallel to the outer road keeping your journey in the world relevant and true. Together, you explore the necessity for hardiness, for shelter and risk, for companionship and vulnerability, and discuss the absolute need to ask for help at transition points, as well as how to recognise help when it is being offered, and the humour, humility, and open hands necessary to receive it.

This day long retreat allows you to explore the themes of human self-discovery, what it means to be on a path, as we are all pilgrims. If you find yourself at a crossroads, and a critical juncture of your life, if you find yourself lost or directionless, lacking in meaning or purpose, this retreat is for you. You will find yourself, through David’s poetry and storytelling, immersed in the world of pilgrimage, and will become aware of the first steps you need take to journey on, to a full and purposeful future.

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