S8: Jalanan (Streetside) Presented by Byron Bay International Film Festival

March 8, 2015 @ 2:30 am – 4:30 am
Byron Theatre
69 Jonson Street
Byron Bay NSW 2481
Full: $12


Jalanan (Streetside) 

NSW Premiere
The captivating story of Boni, Ho & Titi, three gifted, charismatic street musicians in Jakarta over a tumultuous 5-year period in their own lives and that of Indonesia. The film follows the young marginalized musicians and their never before seen sub-culture, while also painting a striking, moody and intimate portrait of Indonesia’s frenzied capital city. Using the powerful soundtrack of the musicians’ original compositions to drive the film, it traces their elusive quest for identity and love in the day-to-day of a city overrun by the effects of globalization and corruption.

“There is a rare magic in Daniel Ziv’s exquisite JALANAN, at once warm and strange. This perfectly structured study of three characters, all struggling to find freedom despite enormous social pressure and painful personal circumstances, reminds me of everything i love and deplore about our fragile humanity and about Indonesia. Each protagonist is funny, eccentric, and wonderfully open. Daniel treats their search for meaning with a genuine and infections of love.”

Joshua Oppenheimer – director The Act of Killing

Jalanan Trailer from Monoduo Films on Vimeo.

Screening with:

Oisima – Everything About Her
Two artists explore and externalise their inner struggle using the Japanese dance form Butoh, digital projection, infinity black, moving stage lighting and the natural environment.

Newborns attempts to provide a lens to the survivors of acid violence, to look forward and gaze back. They take us through the ennui of their domestic and public spaces in a nameless dystopian city, its factories, houses and motels, and its promises, never honoured. honoured.