Performers & Buskers of Byron presented by Great Southern Nights


Performers & Buskers of Byron presented by Great Southern Nights at Byron Theatre

Join us for a fabulous line up of Byron’s best Performers and Buskers as they finally get the opportunity to perform again to audiences. 

During Covid-19, busking has been prohibited, so many of these talented artists have been left with nowhere to perform. Also, with the restricted gatherings for weddings and other social events, all performers have had very limited bookings and very few chances to do what they love – entertain us.

With the help of Great Southern NightsByron Theatre will give some of our best buskers and performers the opportunity to share their talents on the big stage for a huge night of musical treats.

The Line Up includes:

Miss Renee Simone

Miss Renee Simone - Performers & Buskers of Byron presented by Great Southern Nights at Byron Theatre

As well as being a performer, Renee Simone is the Director of Entertainment Company ‘Byron Bay Experience’, Creative Director of Byron’s iconic NYE event ‘Soul Street’ and the curator of this ‘Great Southern Nights’ event:

“Being asked to put this event together has given me so much joy. I’ve engaged some of the most gifted people I know and we are all feeling a sense of support and community in this very special recovery show. The performers are chomping at the bit for the opportunity to release their self-expression, to collaborate, share the arts and to have human connection. You will witness the performers in real time as they get the sense on stage of literally coming back to life. They are already planning some beautiful cross pollination of acts for the night. You’re in for a real treat.”

Miss Renee began playing on the streets of Byron with her tropical trio ‘Blackbirds’. Elegant and relaxed she embodies the Byron vibe and will be accompanied by sublime four part harmonies as they perform songs from her albums ‘Blackbirds’ and ‘Roar’.

Bernard Fanning stated “If honey had a sound it would be the voice of Miss Renee Simone”.

Pete Hunt

Pete Hunt - Performers & Buskers of Byron presented by Great Southern Nights at Byron Theatre

Pete Hunt has a tranquil vocal and guitar style with African, jazz and Celtic folk influences. He states “During Covid I’ve experienced big fluctuations between self-depreciation and confidence, between being closed and open hearted, it feels like it’s been a time of emotional, thought, reactive patterns that may be suppressive to the self-expression rising and wanting the sun shone on them. I released an album named ‘Vessel’ in this time, one that I’ve been working on for a long time. I was feeling a little sunk a lot of the time around releasing it, and my inspiration for it was fluctuating, but actually giving it attention raised my spirits and I realised the beauty in it that I wanted to share.”


Tamwah - Performers & Buskers of Byron presented by Great Southern Nights at Byron Theatre

Tamwah is an indigenous Songwoman, beat-maker and a dream-weaver. A warm tropical fusion of hip hop, reggae, samba and soul. Her vibrant, socially conscious music aspires to uplift, connect and empower her audience. Tamwah states “It’s been the loneliest, longest year without doing what I love. Sharing music live with community is so important to my mental health, it gives me a sense of connection, purpose, and brings joy to my world.” She has a new EP to share with you.


Broadwaters - Performers & Buskers of Byron presented by Great Southern Nights at Byron Theatre

Broadwaters is a local duo comprised of Matt Day and Jessie Rose. The name Broadwaters suggests a vast variety of styles and moods and nothing could be truer when it comes to this dynamic pair who create interesting combinations of multiple genres. The duo formed shortly after meeting in late 2019 when Jessie was recording Matt as part of her SAE degree in Audio. They’ve been bunkered down in their home studio for the better part of 2020 and are currently working on a music video for their next release ‘Home’. Matt says “This year has been tough. Trying to manage finances as a musician during a global crisis hasnt been easy. Having the opportunity to play live again means I have the ability to sustain myself not just in the body but in the mind and spirit.”

Resonant Hand

Resonant Hand - Performers & Buskers of Byron presented by Great Southern Nights at Byron Theatre

Resonant Hand offers music inspired by the many cultures and countries he was exposed to as a child. His upcoming EP is a carefully blended mix of acoustic music roots and a long time love of electronic music. From tribal dance tunes of the Philippines to sacred harmonies of the Pacific Islands. His vocal styles have a unique quality of trademark falsettso and soul infused vocals that feel real and genuinely from the heart. Mark states “I had become disillusioned with being a musician and had given up and started thinking I needed to be realistic with my aspirations. Holding my God-son Kahlu for the first time and seeing the fresh wonder of the world in his eyes inspired me to feel the same about my music”. His new single ‘Kahlu’ is available on Spotify.

Black Rabbit George

Black Rabbit George - Performers & Buskers of Byron presented by Great Southern Nights at Byron Theatre

Black Rabbit George is the solo act of front man of the electronic band Tijuana Cartel. His solo project delivers hypnotic psych-folk, blending gorgeous layers of instrumentation and lavish textures on acoustic guitar. Paul says “Playing live will feel like things are getting back to how I like them. I’ve been missing playing to real people and I can’t wait to share all these songs I wrote during covid.” His new album ‘Warren’ is available on Spotify.

MC – Benhur Helwend

Benhur Helwend - MC at Performers & Buskers of Byron presented by Great Southern Nights at Byron Theatre

Benhur Helwend is a long standing Byron local who performed with Miss Renee Simone for many years in Blackbirds. He has spent some time in Sydney working as an Engagement Specialist and was selected to act alongside Rebel Wilson in the ABC TV show ‘Les Norton’. As a NIDA graduate he is no stranger to a theatre stage and will be your host for the evening with a special guest performance with Miss Renee Simone.


This concert is presented by Great Southern Nights in association with Byron Theatre

Great Southern Nights is a new event to kick-start the recovery of the live music industry – featuring 1,000 COVID-safe gigs across Sydney and Regional NSW, throughout November 2020 (Australian Music Month). Great Southern Nights is a NSW Government initiative, delivered by Destination NSW in partnership with ARIA.
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Great Southern Nights at Byron Theatre


Please Note: This is a live theatre event.

This is a Covidsafe event, therefore we will be operating at restricted capacity with social distancing measures in place.
We strongly encourage you to purchase 2 or more seats with friends, so there are fewer empty spaces and more people can enjoy the show.

For the health & safety of all, signage & sanitising stations are set up throughout the venue. We ask that you adhere to all covid guidelines while attending the theatre.

 The Byron Theatre and Community Centre is a registered CovidSafe business.


N.B. Subject to availability, E-Tickets can now be purchased online up to the event start time to avoid unnecessary queues at the box office.
6.00pm – Venue doors open | Box Office sales open | Venue Bar open
6.30pm – Theatre doors open
7.00pm – Performers & Buskers of Byron
9.30pm – Event concludes (Includes Interval)