New Way Dreaming Exhibition presented by 13 Grandmothers Star, Skin Lore & 7 Sistars Dreaming

September 9, 2016 @ 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Byron Theatre
69 Jonson Street
Byron Bay NSW 2481
Full $15 | Child under 14 free (must be accompanied by an adult)

Rani event

Join us for an evening of Deep Listening and Culture, a rare exhibition and precious moment to sit and share in the New Way Dreaming for our Earth and all of Humanity.

To see, hear and learn what this means for you.

THE SONGLINES ARE OPEN, from SUNRISE to SUNSET. This is a Living, Breathing, Healing Story of Change for our Earth – NEW WAY DREAMING NOW.

SUNRISE – ALCHERINGA : Aunty Lois Cook – Nyangbul – Custodian of First Light Country in the East  Welcomes us with her songs, her paintings and her award winning short documentary film.

CENTRE – TJURKURRPA. Grandmother Napanungka Nelly Patterson – Senior Lore Woman and Keeper of the Waterhole Dreaming of ULURU, our World’s heart creation portal.

SUNSET – TJURKURRPA CHERINGA: Jingki – Waadeebul – Messenger from the Great Northern Lands of the far West , SINGS for us in the NEW WAY DREAMING, with her resolute message and crystal clear songs.

Lois, Nelly and Jingki live in accordance with the principles of Kanyini in the Tjurkurrpa Lore of Creation:

“passed down to us by our ancestors,  SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME.”

“Kanyini” is about living in the heart and mind together, while living a life of having unconditional love for all life, all people, self, and being responsible for that.”

“A Time for One Spirit of Caring and Sharing to come Together, a time for Self Governance, Wellness and Restoration to Strengthen us All and all Life.”

This is an early evening event for families and community.

Nelly’s extraordinary paintings will be on display and are available for purchase  – ANANGU TJURKURRPA MULAPA (proper exchange.)

Paintings by Aunty Lois and Music by Jingki will be available for purchase.

PLUS Planet Corroboree will be open especially for this event featuring other local indigenous artworks, books and more…


Dinner chai and cakes available

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