Country Witches Association: Summer Solstice presented by Mandy Nolan and Áine Tyrrell


Country Witches Association: Summer Solstice presented by Mandy Nolan and Áine Tyrrell at Byron Theatre

The Country Witches Association pays homage to the longest day of the year The Summer Solstice!
With Xmas almost upon us, these witchy wenches get out their brooms to mark the season that contains the utmost bounty, abundance and beauty.

Join Mandy Nolan and Áine Tyrrell when they stir the pot with disruptive dialogue, using an eclectic mix of music, comedy and conversation to put the fun back into feminism.

Every show they have done has sold out. It’s not just a show. It’s a movement.

The Country Witches Association

Country Witches Association: Summer Solstice presented by Mandy Nolan and Áine Tyrrell at Byron Theatre

This December Solstice marks one whole year of witching by musician Áine Tyrrell and comedian Mandy Nolan who came together on a whim last year to create the Country Witches Association. The two come from very different sides of the yard, with Nolan a tit flashing irreverent blaspheming banshee and Tyrrell an articulate deep thinking politically charged powerhouse of rock. What bound them was their shared politics, their sense that as women things just aren’t as rosy as we’re sold, and this passion to give voice to the rising dissent they feel in their audiences.

Country Witches Association isn’t a show for cake bakers it’s a show for troublemakers. Although the two are quick to acknowledge the real CWA. ‘We don’t send them up’ says Nolan, ‘we just take the format and bend it a little to make it fit. The real CWA are staunch. They bake it and we shake it!’

What surprised these newbie witches was how many women, and men, wanted to join. They wanted to belong to an aberrant dis-organisation… with an anthem, their own queen and a secret handshake! One of the commitments the women had was to reclaim the more meaningful pagan days on the calendar with celebration and gathering. ‘At a time where we are distanced, It feels important to be coming together now more than ever before.’ Last month the Country Witches hosted their Bealtaine shows. There was so much power in the room, and the full moon added to the potency – with everyone loving aligning the witch within with the witchy calendar. So they couldn’t let the Summer Solstice pass us by without more serious witching.

The ACTUAL summer Solstice falls at 9:02pm on Monday the 21st, but we all know there will be plenty of vibe around the entire weekend to let our broomsticks fly on the Solstice wind. Expect the unexpected and then all that you have expected from your Co-Founding witches thus far.

Get your tickets early, witches, and set the intention of your Summer Solstice in full power.


Please Note: This event is live in the theatre.

This is a Covidsafe event, therefore we will be operating at restricted capacity with social distancing measures in place.
For the health & safety of all, signage & sanitising stations are set up throughout the venue. We ask that you adhere to all covid guidelines while attending the theatre.

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8.00pm – Country Witches Association: Summer Solstice
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