Byron Underground Film Festival 2021: Saturday Sessions & Independent Filmmakers Forum



If you’re an emerging or experienced filmmaker, or someone wanting to learn more about the local film industry, this special event is an incredible opportunity to learn about the independent film industry from some of our special festival guests.

Introductions from local filmmakers, from experienced filmmakers discussing how they made their first feature films, the challenges of raising finance, working with producers, screenwriting and other hurdles.

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WORLD CLASS films by local filmmakers, WORLD PREMIERES, and Director/ Producer Q+A’s.


100% Byron Shorts

‘Bay not Bae’

100% Byron Shorts 'Bay not Bae' - Byron Underground Film Festival 2021 at Byron Theatre

Supporting local filmmakers in the rainbow region.

Come and meet some of Byron Bay’s most prolific independent filmmakers with short films, documentaries and experimental art films, with special introductions by the filmmakers followed by networking and drinks.

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Further We Search

+ Q&A with Director

74 mins | AUS | Local rumble-core drama
Dir: Darus Davas

Further We search tells the story of a young man’s journey to a new city as he tries to find his place. The film follows his encounters and the dynamics of the relationships that unfold as he searches for a sense of connection. It is a subtle exploration of an inner journey to find meaning and the interactions along the way.

After the film we’ll feature a Q&A with the director Darius Devas, who’s arduous journey with the film is almost as compelling as the feature.

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 + Q&A with Director

78 mins | AUS | Political guerilla filmmaking drama
Dir: Benjamin Gilmour

*WINNER* Best Independent Feature Film at AACTA Awards.

Former Australian soldier, Mike, returns to Afghanistan to find the family of a civilian he accidentally killed during the war. Seeking forgiveness, he puts his life in the hands of the village justice system – the Jirga.

Featuring an interview with Director Benjamin Gilmour about the process of shooting a low budget film in Afghanistan.

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Small Island Big Song

An Oceanic Songline

78 mins | AUS | Political guerilla filmmaking drama Dir: Benjamin Gilmour

Shot in 16 countries over 4 years on a shoestring budget, director Tim Cole (Not Drowning Waving) brings his experience as an award-winning music producer to create this stunning documentary that explores the history of island migrations and the contemporary challenges of climate change.

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Claw: World Premiere

 + Q&A with Director & Producer

81 mins | AUS | B-Grade horror comedy gold
Dir: Gerald Rascionato

A prestigious underground serving of B-GRADE GOLD.
Q&A’s with local Director Gerald Rascionato and Producer Joel Hogan after the screening.

After blowing a tire in the middle of the desert while on their way to Los Angeles for a standup comedy night, best friends Kyle and Julia are forced to spend the night in a remote ghost town. They reluctantly settle in for the evening inside a dinghy caravan provided by the ghost town’s strange caretaker Ray, while not so far away in the nearby mountains trouble brews.

A Velociraptor, brought to life by a disgraced scientist escapes its enclosure and makes its way towards the ghost town, hungry and aggravated. With the prehistoric predator now stalking them throughout the sprawling property and no outside help to speak of, Kyle and Julia must work together with Ray in order to survive. And if they do, they better hope the scientist didn’t make any others.

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The Byron Underground Film Festival is one of Australia’s newest film festivals, focusing on innovative, experimental, independent and ground-breaking cinema from around the world.

As one of the only regions of the country which has remained relatively Covid-19 free over the last year, we are looking forward to celebrating the cinema experience without the risks associated with holding in-person events in major cities.​

Byron Bay and the nearby Gold Coast has recently become the centre of much activity in the Australian film industry. The festival has tapped into this growth through our celebration of new independent cinema culture. As a popular travel destination, we plan to position our festival as an attractive option for the festival circuit which filmmakers, critics, distributors and audiences can visit without the risks of Covid.

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This is a Covidsafe event.
For the health & safety of all, signage & sanitising stations are set up throughout the venue. We ask that you adhere to all covid guidelines while attending the theatre.

 The Byron Theatre and Community Centre is a registered CovidSafe business.