Byron Bay Film Festival 2014 – Session 28 (Young Australian Filmmakers)

March 8, 2014 @ 4:30 am – 6:40 am
Byron Theatre
69 Jonson Street
Byron Bay NSW 2481
Full $12



Sophie’s Wish – After being diagnosed with cancer over 2 years ago Sophie had only one wish, to travel to Africa. It all changed however, when she went to Hamilton Island on a holiday and met Sir Owen Glenn.

Tritch  – In Shanghai, a wealthy housewife’s life of luxury is disrupted by the presence of a young ghost. What begins for Mei as a peculiarity, slowly creeps into a beautiful terror that may bring life to spectre of the past.

The Hatinator – Alex is anxious in the lead up to his boss’ 50th birthday party. However, he’s confident that with his beautiful new girlfriend he’ll impress his boss.

Swim – She wakes amongst the debris of last night’s party, navigates through the haze towards her sleeping friend, lies on the couch beside her and watches and waits for her to wake. Will her friend want the same thing?

What Remains – 10 year old Charlie is a reckless young boy who discovers and befriends a man in a suit, in the family’s run-down caravan.

Not Their Boots – War, soldiers of war, why is it that they have to carry out orders of those above them? Every soldier is innocent.

Ultramarine – A teenage boy suffering undiagnosed depression finds an escape in an unlikely place, but when his untreated condition worsens, he must learn that accepting the help he has been avoiding might be his only chance at recovery.

The Dangers Of The Aquarius – Set in 1950’s McCarthy Era America, this fake propaganda film takes a satirical look one of the gravest dangers threatening our very way of life: the Aquarius person. Do not take the Aquarius for granted or they will take your napkins and possibly even your life!

Curiosity – A passionate PhD student who is fearful of insects decides to tackle one of the greatest mysteries of the Australian Giant Spiny Stick Insect and through her research, uncovers a deeply personal journey about fear, culture and the human desire to learn.

The Interviewer – Thomas Howell gets more than he’s bargained for in a job interview at a prestigious law firm; an insult about his tie, a rendition of Harry Potter and the chance to change the lives of a father and son.

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