The 12th Annual Byron Bay Film Festival – Day 6

BBFF2018 at Byron Theatre

Day 6 – Wednesday 17 October


 2.30pm – My Name is Batlır, not Butler (Batlır Degil Bahtli)

Hello, my name is Batlır, not Butler. I’m not actually overweight, I just have some excess in a certain area….It is told in Anatolia that, the baby looks like whatever the mother craves for while she is pregnant. My mother craved for watermelon. I mostly talk to 52 Hertz, she is the loneliest whale in the world, and she is my best friend.

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BBFF2018 at Byron Theatre - My Name is Batlır, not Butler (Batlır Degil Bahtli)


5.00pm – Cielo

Cielo is a cinematic reverie on the crazy beauty of the night sky, as experienced in the Atacama Desert, Chile, one of the best places on our planet to explore and contemplate its splendour. Director Alison McAlpine’s sublime nonfiction film drifts between science and spirituality, the arid land, desert shores and lush galaxies, expanding the limits of our earthling imaginations. Planet Hunters in the Atacama’s astronomical observatories and the desert dwellers who work the land and sea share their evocative visions of the stars and planets, their mythic stories and existential queries with remarkable openness and a contagious sense of wonder. A love poem for the night sky, Cielo transports us to a space, quiet and calm, within which we can ponder the infinite and unknown.

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BBFF2018 at Byron Theatre - Cielo


7.30pm – Book Week

A jaded high school English teacher is forced to re-evaluate his life when his novel is passed over for one of his students.

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BBFF2018 at Byron Theatre - Book Week