Crystal clear audio and a long-overdue technical upgrade for the Byron Theatre

Our beloved Byron Theatre recently upgraded their cinema screen and speaker system with new state-of-the-art digital audio and visual equipment. This technical upgrade was long overdue as most touring shows expect digital desks for all operations and the theatre was still using analogue components.

We received $200,000 grant funding through the NSW Department of Industry

The technical upgrade was possible through grant funding by the NSW Department of Industry Infrastructure Grant (Clubgrants Category 3) by the Office of Responsible Gambling. The grant funding amount was $200,000. After much professional research on the sound requirements for the space, installation of the new equipment started in January 2020 and was completed two months later in March. All equipment was purchased and installed by local company North Coast Events who have been an awesome long-term supporter of the Byron Theatre and an absolutely fabulous industry partner. 

“This grant has given the theatre an urgently needed technical upgrade that means that we haven’t just met contemporary expectations, we’ve surpassed them,” says Jamie Hunter, who is the new Technical Manager at the Byron Theatre. Jamie was instrumental in the final completion of the audio and video installation. 

“I’m very excited about what the future holds for the theatre, now that the standard of our technical production has been so radically improved. This grant has given the Byron Shire community, its visitors and our performers and artists the modern theatre experience they deserve and raises the bar for regional arts,” he adds.

State-of-the-art audio & visual equipment and local expertise

It took Byron Theatre management nearly 2.5 years to research, purchase and complete the project due to the intimate nature of the space and the intricate and delicate sound issues the Byron Theatre technicians are facing. 

“We needed to purchase audio equipment that would work for all the different events that we host in the theatre, so there was much time-consuming research done with professional consultants from all areas of the entertainment industry,” says Tanja Greulich, Manager of the Byron Theatre. 

“The need to replace the cinema screen to an acoustically transparent screen was unexpected, but has certainly made a huge difference to the space and is a crucial factor in the delivery of the overall exceptional sound experience,” she adds.

The Byron Theatre is ready to host your event!

The Byron Theatre is a local not-for-profit venue and part of the Byron Bay Community Associations social enterprise model. As such, funds raised by the Byron Theatre through tickets sales are used for essential projects and services that benefit the local community, e.g. the weekly Homeless Breakfast and Homeless Showers. 

“The new technical upgrade elevated the Byron Theatre to a high technical standard that is now acceptable for national and international artists and touring companies. We hope that the new crystal clear audio and visual experience will result in more bookings in the future to entertain our local audience & generate funds for our community outreach projects.  Hopefully, we’ll see the space buzzing with shows again very soon, when it’s safe to do so” Tanja Greulich adds. 

The upgrade in more detail for our tech aficionados

  • An Allen & Heath SQ7 audio console, with digital stage boxes run via a Dante network. 
  • Turbosound IP3000 left, right & centre column arrays plus a subwoofer, configurable into several positions depending on the type of events eg film, dance, conference.
  • 4 Turbosound IP300 surround speakers for Dolby (or better sound immersion for music)
  • 3 Turbosound IP300s, left, right & centre for the balcony level.
  • 4 Turbosound floor monitors for fold back 
  • 6 Sennheiser digital wireless microphones
  • An acoustically-transparent projection screen, meaning that the speakers can be positioned behind an accurate Dolby surround sound is achieved. 
  • A full HD matrix HDMI video switcher, for mixing computer graphics with live video from cameras, plus the cabling infrastructure to send and receive signals from various areas of the theatre, and then to the projector itself of course.
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