The Coffee BOX is a not for profit social enterprise cafe providing workplace training to people in need.

What We Do:

The Coffee BOX is an innovative and inspiring social enterprise. We sell coffee to the public while training and supporting local people, particularly women, to transition out of disadvantage and homelessness into employment.

“It felt like it was a real job, a real role. I felt like it was connected to people, which helped my confidence. It gave me a purpose.”

How We Work:

The Coffee BOX offers a free program that works with people over the long-term, providing training and work experience tailored to their individual needs and to the local job market. Participants are supported throughout the program to increase their skills, their confidence and their inclusion within the Byron community.

“At all times I felt supported and not judged”

As a social enterprise, all profits from the BOX go back to into the community; funding vital community services and providing training and wraparound supports for our participants. The Coffee BOX also has a ‘Pay it Forward’ scheme, so anyone can buy a coffee at the BOX for someone in need. Because we believe that an act of kindness can change a life.

Our Impact:

While still in its early stages, this program has already had a profound impact on the lives of our participants. 28 people have participated in the training and expressed overwhelmingly positive feedback about their experience. These people have been able to acquire the skills necessary to re-enter the local workforce, as well as increase their self-confidence and their participation in our community.

Support Us:

We are now looking for donations to continue the program during this critical start-up phase. The Coffee BOX aims to function as a financially viable social enterprise without the need for external funding.  After just over 18 months of operation, the Coffee BOX is close to breaking even. However, we do not yet have the capital to cover all expenses.  In order to continue growing, we need your support. With funds raised will be replacing our coffee machine, purchasing some training essentials, and covering some basic running costs.

Your generosity will make a big contribution to our community by allowing us to continue offering this program to those most in need.

This project is providing a vital bridge for vulnerable community members to move out of disadvantage and into employment, as well as back into their community. Thank you for your support.

Contact Cherie to Donate: 02 6685 6807

“Through this tiny little coffee shop, we are addressing the underlying causes of homelessness by supporting, empowering and up-skilling local people. This is about building a more resilient community.”

How to apply for the Coffee BOX training program

It’s easy…

The Coffee BOX training is an eight-week program underpinned by real-world work experience in the cafe and additional supports from the BCC. This means that, along with the support your referring organisation is giving you, we have the following opportunities available:

  • Free and confidential counselling sessions
  • Money Matters sessions to better understand and manage your finances
  • BCC volunteer opportunities increasing employability skills and confidence
  • Free training and social events with other BCC volunteers.

We strongly encourage you to participate in these while working at the Coffee BOX.

The Work Experience is conducted by our amazing barista on-site in the BOX. You will receive one-on-one mentoring over the eight-week block. You will also have access to other support and volunteer programs run by the Byron Community Centre.

One last thing – Some of the questions on the application form might feel very personal. Please don’t worry, we ask these questions in case you need some support, and so we can work with the other people who are helping you out. We don’t judge you on your past because as far as we’re concerned a person is not defined by their past, they’re defined by the future they want to create for themselves.

Email for an application form (Or pick one up from BCC reception).  After completing the application form, the next step is a meeting with our project coordinator so she can show you around and get to know you in person.

“It is great to deal with people, serve the customers something you prepared with care and effort and see how happy they are to receive it. I’m confident that I can communicate well now, and provide that service”.

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