The CoffeeBOX offers a new Barista Masterclass for everyone who would like to learn how to make the perfect Latte.


Gain your coffee skills with us while giving back to the community

About the Barista Masterclass

Our Barista Masterclass offers training in small groups of 2 to 3 people with our experienced Baristas: Alice and Chris in the iconic CoffeeBOX. Have fun and gain all the skills for your next Barista job while your fee supports disadvantaged people in our community.

The cost for our 2-hour Masterclass is $120.

The Masterclass is structured into 3 modules. The first module will give an overview of the history of coffee and the essentials of the equipment and the workstation. The second module is all about learning the basics. Our experienced baristas will demonstrate what a great espresso has to look like including milk frothing and basic latte art. The third module is all about practice. You will make espresso, froth milk to perfection and pour the perfect latte. At the end of the course, you will receive a handout to take home with you. The handout contains all the essential information to make the perfect espresso.

Want to sign up for our masterclass? Email us at or visit us at the CoffeeBOX, 69 Jonson St. Byron Bay.  Learn more about our CoffeeBOX here.


  • History of coffee
  • Equipment
  • Coffee station setup
  • Hygiene, Sustainability and Waste reduction


  • Espresso –  good and bad
  • Milk frothing
  • Pouring and basic latte art


  • Espresso making
  • Milk foam making
  • Pouring a latte