Christmas is Cheerier – with the Byron Bay Theatre Club!


by guest author Sarah Webb

There is no greater gift than the gift of giving and since we are getting into the spirit of Christmas here at BCC, I think it’s time that I let you know about our Byron Theatre Club.

The Byron Theatre club is great. Ever wanted to see a show at Byron Theatre, but thought “oh-no, a few pennies just fell out of my pocket and now I don’t have enough dough for my admission”. Well, fear not Byron Theatre goers (and those aspiring), because I have a simple remedy: B-T-C. One of the great benefits of the Byron Theatre Club is discounts on shows and events AND the same discount for your accompanied family and/or friends. How Great!

BTC can also save the day in other situations which may usually cause you some ka-fuffle. Consider this: Your favourite act is rocking it out (screening, dancing, circus-ing and the list goes on) at Byron Theatre, yet everyone wants to go to the same show you do, and you’re worried that you may not get a ticket. Again, I say to you – fear not Byron Theatre goers (and those aspiring) because I have a simple remedy: B-T-C. Joining the club allows you to priority book, meaning you will deffs get a ticket (phew).  Thank you, Byron Theatre club, Thank you very much.

Now, theatre lovers, It is Christmas coming up and Byron Theatre Club memberships can be purchased as a gift (for yourself or) for a friend – how nifty. That’s not JUST the best bit: See, when you grab a Byron Theatre Club membership for a friend, you are not only looking after your friend (who you obviously love dearly), but you are ALSO helping the creative works of Byron flourish as funds made from this thoughtful gift go straight back into improving Byron’s theatre (woot), and you may even get a little bit out of it as well (that warm fuzzy feeling that you get when you know you have done something Byron Theatre related ☺).

These great little numbers are $50 for the whole year, so you can really get your pennies worth.

So, Theatre lovers, take control of your Byron Theatre bookings, catch your favourite shows and catch them cheaper! Give the gift of theatre to a friend or family member this Christmas! 

Get your Byron Theatre Club membership here.

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