Our annual Seniors’ Festival is back in February 2020. From 17th to 21st of February we offer a range of activities here at the Byron Community Centre. Please join us for a week of fun, laughter and community. For a detailed overview, have look at the poster on the right.

The Seniors’ Festival is dedicated to our wonderful senior community members. The activities offered during this week aim to foster a sense of community and belonging; to empower older people and bring joy to their lives.

We especially want to draw your attention to the Mayor’s Morning Tea at the Byron Theatre on 18th February 2020. The morning starts at 10:30am and is filled with exciting activities, please see the program below.

  • 10:30am Seniors’ drumming 
  • 11:30am Bay Singers Choir 
  • 12:00pm Morning tea in the Courtyard
  • 12:30pm Mayors presentation
  • 12:15pm Studio 55 performance
  • 01:15pm finish

The Byron Shire Seniors’ Festival takes place as part of the New South Wales Seniors’ Festival with activities and event all across the state from 12th – 23rd ⁠February.